Recycle for your health!

de | nov. 21, 2013 | Ecotic Projects

“Recycle for your health” an awareness and collection campaign of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and WBA, was held in Iasi between November 15-17. Together with ECOTIC the other partners that were involved in the project were: the Environmental Protection Agency Iasi, the City Hall, SaIubrIS Iasi, Iasi County School Inspectorate, the Children’s Club and Atrium Palas Mall, Iasi.

In the campaign were collected close to 3 tons of WEEE, 3 kg of batteries and portable accumulators, 5 school from Iasi  involved, 3 groups from the Children Club, and over 9000 leaflets were distributed.

The organizers wanted this project to be a step forward in the awareness of the users of electric and eletronic equipments once they become waste. Meanwhile, the campaign aimed in shaping a new attitude regarding the environmental protection and efficient use of resources. 

Students from the Children’s Club Iasi, joined the ecological initiative by helping in disseminating the information on the importance of selective collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment, and waste of batteries and accumulators .

Students understood how important is the separate collection of waste in the recycling circuit, and the high level of danger that involves the improper management of electrical and electronic waste and waste batteries and accumulators. They shared this information to Iasi residents who visited in this period of time Atrium Palas Mall, Iasi.

In the Atrium Palas Mall, Iasi was located a information point where informational materials were distributed by the students. There, the population was able to bring small WEEE and batteries in order to be correctly recycled. For each small WEEE brought to the information point, the organizers rewarded the gesture with a green gift  – a plant.

The waste of electrical and electronic equipment can be hand over throughout the year at special collection points for these types of waste, situated on the Esplanade Oancea, at podu de Piatra, Pacurari Market and Cug Market. These points are managed by SalubrIS Iasi.

If the equipment is bulky, the residents are provided with the following telephone numbers: 0232-270.223 (toll charge) or 0800-410610 ( tel Green), and a SalubrIs Iasi team will come and  pick up the waste equipment, free of charge .

The organizers recall to the population that they have the obligation to protect th environment by handing over used equipment  in the stores where they purchased equivalent new electrical equipment.