Public debate on the National Waste Management Strategy for 2014-2020

de | mai 27, 2013 | News

On April 25, 2013, was held a public debate on the National Waste Management Strategy for the period 2014-2020, organized by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. The debate took place at the Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science.

This debate was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, National Agency for Environmental Protection,  Associations that take responsibilities in waste management, and representatives of companies operating in the field collection – recycling.

ECOTIC was represented at this debate Valentin Negoita, president of our organization.

Simona Ghita, Director of Waste Management Department of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change presented the National Waste Management Strategy, calling into question the objective of the strategy, to safeguard the environment and human health by reducing the amount of waste generated and by increasing their use as resources, and also the strategic objectives of this strategy. The startegy aims to improve the environment and protect human health, support research / development in the field of waste management, encouraging green investment, increasing resource efficiency, sustainable waste management, correlation of waste management policies with climate change, development responsible behavior on preventing waste generation and management and institutional strengthening.

Valentin Negoita highlighted several issues: the importance of monitoring and auditing waste streams (eg waste of electric and electronic equipment).

The conclusions refer to the fact that the National Waste Management Strategy:

– sets the strategic direction for waste management in Romania, for the current and the next period, until 2020;

– represents an important milestone in the implementation of the Regulation on waste and establishing an integrated approach to the management of waste in government and society broadly speacking;

– recognizes that Romania should follow the path to a „recycling society”;

– is essential in order to produce National Waste Management Plan which will set specific goals with deadlines and its accountability measures.

Here is the Strategy in the Roumanian version.