de | nov. 13, 2023 | campaign, Ecotic Projects, Recycling Station

Deployment period: 

  • November 13 - 17

Target audience:

  • the inhabitants of Ploiesti

Campaign mechanism: ECOTIC Association Bucharest and Ploiești City Hall, together with APM Prahova, ADI Prahova, National Environmental Guard Prahova County Commissariat and United Waste Solutions, organizes in the period 13 – 17 November a campaign collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment in Ploiesti. Thus, those who hand in at least 5 kg of electrical waste will receive an instant prize or a raffle ticket*. The awarding of prizes is done as follows:

  • For handing over at least 5 kg of WEEE – 1 LED bulb
  • For handing over a minimum of 16 kg of WEEE – 1 umbrella
  • *For handing over a minimum of 26 kg of WEEE – 1 umbrella + 1 raffle ticket

The raffle prizes are: 1x vacuum cleaner, 2x meat grinder, 3x iron.

The ECOTIC caravan, the mobile museum of electrical waste, will be stationed between November 15 and 17, between 10:30 a.m. and 18:30 p.m. on Griviței Street, in the Socolescu Park area

Campaign regulations here.