The ECOTIC caravan stops at the recycling station in Ploiești

de | nov. 13, 2023 | News

Electrical waste collection campaign in Ploiesti

ECOTIC Association Bucharest and Ploiești City Hall, together with APM Prahova, ADI Prahova, National Environmental Guard Prahova County Commissariat and United Waste Solutions, organizes in the period 13 – 17 November a campaign collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment in Ploiesti. Thus, those who hand in at least 5 kg of electrical waste will receive an instant prize or a raffle ticket*.

Residents of the Municipality of Ploiești have the opportunity to place an order for free pick-up of bulky electrical waste from home by calling the phone number 0244933 or I can bring them to ECOTIC Caravan.

The awarding of prizes is done as follows:

  • For handing over at least 5 kg of WEEE – 1 LED bulb
  • For handing over a minimum of 16 kg of WEEE – 1 umbrella
  • *For handing over a minimum of 26 kg of WEEE – 1 umbrella + 1 raffle ticket

The raffle prizes are: 1x vacuum cleaner, 2x meat grinder, 3x iron.


Where can the ECOTIC Caravan be visited?

ECOTIC Caravan, the mobile museum of electrical waste will be stationed between November 15 and 17, between 10:30 and 18:30 on Griviței Street, in the Parc Socolescu area. The foray into the world of e-waste recycling through this interactive tool makes visitors understand the importance of separate collection through the lens of recyclable but also hazardous materials that can be recovered from equipment. A virtual tour of the ECOTIC Caravan is available here.

Campaign regulations here.