ECOTIC Association implements the project between May and December 2023 STEPS FOR URBAN MINING funded by EEA & Norway Grants. The project aims to transfer Norwegian know-how in the operation of Voluntary Collection Centers (VCCs), as well as in the management of municipal waste, including electrical and electronic equipment waste.


The context of the implementation of this project represents it low recycling rate in Romania of household waste (less than 20%, the target being 50%). Also by PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), 665 centers with voluntary intake (CAV) will be built in Romania until 2026 (starting with 2024). Guides are available here. The operation of these centers will also be done by sanitation companies contracted by local public authorities. The employees of these companies are the beneficiaries as well as the target audience of the experience exchange facilitated by the "Steps for Urban Mining" project.


Through this initiative, ECOTIC wants to contribute to the improvement and development of the recyclable waste management system in Romania. One such action was the establishment by ECOTIC, with the support of Norway Grants, a Iași Municipal Collection Center (, the first center in Romania for the collection of household waste, built to European standards. The experience of developing and operating such a center has highlighted a series of challenges: compliant and complete management of various types of waste, informing citizens, specializing and training employees.

The flow of electrical waste collection from the population through the solutions provided by local public authorities results in less than 1% of the total amount of electrical waste collected and recycled in Romania. This percentage shows us the need for collection solutions for the population, as well as the need to inform citizens from the perspective of correct delivery, for recycling and not to informal collectors.


Stages of the Steps for Urban Mining project:

1) Webinar on Municipal Waste Management in Norway

InErgeo is the Norwegian partner that will ensure the transfer of best practices during this project. The first action of this project is a webinar that will be held in June to introduce the beneficiaries of the project to the theme of this transfer of experience.


2) 3 working visits to municipal centers in Norway

Between August and September 2023, 30 people representing 15 private entities that will operate CAVs will visit municipal collection centers in Norway. They will have the opportunity to interact with those who run such centers and will be able to see up close the waste streams and the challenges they face.


3) Elaboration of a guide of good practices in the operation of a collection center

Following the visits, ECOTIC will develop a guide that will be distributed to share the most important aspects of managing a municipal waste collection center.

4) Good practice guide launch event

In November 2023, an event will be organized in which all those attending the visits from Norway will participate. During the event, the most important aspects of managing a collection center will be presented. A guide will also be launched on this occasion and will be available in physical and digital format.

5) Documentary video material

The entire project will be photo and video documented, in this sense, at the end of the project a video material will be disseminated to also visually highlight the project and the management of the municipal centers in Norway.



The EUR 130.000 STEPS FOR URBAN MINING project is developed by ECOTIC in partnership with InErgeo and funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA & Norway Grants. The aim of the project is to facilitate the transfer of Norwegian know-how in the management of municipal waste and in the operation of municipal collection centers type CAV.

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