ECOTIC supports producers and partners for the organization of internal campaigns and environmental protection projects.

Whether we are talking about CSR campaigns or simply campaigns with employees, environmental protection is a topic that is very much emphasized in such activities.

companies interested in organizing some internal campaigns and not only, are invited to contact us at the email address 

Another effective form of awareness and collection in the companies is the placement of collection containers that ECOTIC offers free.

    I.    Afforestation Day - Every year, ECOTIC organizes Afforestation Day. In this project, all partners and ECOTIC affiliated producers are invited to actively participate and support environmental protection. The employees of the partners or producers can participate in the actual planting or the employing companies can sponsor and help ECOTIC in fulfilling the obligation to the environment.

    Who is it for?: employees of ECOTIC affiliated producers

    Favorable period: spring

    Example: Afforestation Day April 2018

      II.    Internal campaigns for employees of ECOTIC affiliated producers – These campaigns can be done to motivate employees in environmental protection. Employees are invited to hand in waste electrical equipment or waste batteries and accumulators, and in exchange for the amount handed in they are entered into a raffle or receive an instant prize. Such a campaign increases the level of responsibility of the employees and the company can create an environmental project based on this context.


      Who is it for? - employees

      Deployment period: at any time of the year

        III.   Campaigns and contests for customers

        With our help, companies can engage their customers in campaigns with various prizes in exchange for handing over WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) or DBA (waste batteries and accumulators) to their stores.

        By opting for such campaigns, companies can contribute to environmental protection by:

        • Informing the population about the separate collection
        • It ensures the social responsibility that all companies should undertake
        • It helps to meet the collection target that Romania has in front of the European Union

        Who is it for? - customers

        Deployment period: at any time of the year

        Example: The JYSK campaign

          Another example of a campaign is the Campaign for the collection and awareness of waste lighting sources (bulbs and neon lights) organized in partnership with Brico Depot.

          The campaign took place in Brico Depot stores in Romania, between January 1 and December 31, 2023.

          Each person who hands over 5 bulbs received an LED bulb in exchange, and for over 30 bulbs brought in, a screwdriver kit was offered.

          Details and Campaign Rules here.


            IV. Environmental projects with our partners

            1. A project dedicated to the general public that aims to raise awareness among the population regarding separate collection of all waste it's also this QUIZdeveloped by ECOTIC in partnership with Seneca EcoLogos. It was launched in October 2020 with the desire to help Romanian citizens understand which waste can be recycled and which goes to the landfill.

            The main message of this quiz is to try to reduce the amount of waste generated and hand over for recycling whenever we have the opportunity.

            To whom it is addressed? - the general public

            Access QUIZ   



               2. In 2020, together with InfoCons, ECOTIC developed the project "Shut off. Turn off. Recycle.". In this context, ECOTIC realized "Manual of environmental protection and selective collection”Which reached pre-university teachers. This manual is practically an encyclopedia of environmental protection, with basic notions and functionality of all the things around us. There is a lot of emphasis on the separate collection of all the waste we produce.


            Who is it for? - pre-university education and the general public

            See the manual Manual of environmental protection and selective collection