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What is InfoCons? What does InfoCons do?


For over 20 years, InfoCons has been supporting consumers by implementing education and information campaigns in areas such as: consumer protection, environment, health, culture, tourism, energy, postal services, banking and non-banking financial services, etc., carrying out tests and comparative studies on different agri-food products, advice and consultancy offered to consumers as well as involvement in social projects for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, elderly people as well as institutionalized people from the Children and Elderly Centers.

On April 18, 2003, at the initiative of some dedicated people, the InfoCons Association (former National Association for Consumer Protection and Promotion of Programs and Strategies in Romania) was established, with the objective of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of consumers; to make consumers aware of their rights, to develop programs and projects in order to achieve these objectives.


In 2006, InfoCons founded the Federation of Consumer Associations to which the main profile organizations active in Romania joined in order to create a common voice of the Romanian consumer protection movement.

InfoCons – Consumer protection organization, member of Consumers International (World Organization for Consumer Protection) and founder of the Federation of Romanian Consumer Associations. Consumers, unite! (The only global consumer protection platform through which you have access to emergency numbers from over 100 countries) / (Download the Free InfoCons Consumer Protection Application through which you have access to correct, transparent, independent information that helps you decide for yourself. The only Global Consumer Protection Application available in 33 languages ​​of international circulation.