ECOTIC: soilsrecycling of the changed bulb

Campaign to collect dedicated light sources and fixtures lighting maintenance companies

ECOTIC is launching a new campaign dedicated to legal entities that generate waste from lighting fixtures and various other light sources through lighting maintenance activity.

The campaign is a handy solution for insurance companies maintenance of lighting in office buildings, shopping centers, street lighting, as well as for local authorities or state institutions that need separate collection services for these types of waste.

Replacing lighting fixtures with new ones that bring energy efficiency also comes with the need to identify a partner that can take over the old infrastructure for recycling. ECOTIC takes electrical waste from legal entities FREE of charge, including lighting fixtures, light sources (lamps/fluorescent or LED).

What are the steps?

  • Complete the available form here
  • Order confirmation by ECOTIC in a maximum of 5 working days
  • FREE pickup of waste generated in a maximum of 10 working days
  • Transmission by ECOTIC of documentation related to the handover
  • Award based on the quantity delivered

Prizes offered:

  • DEDEMAN shopping card worth Price: 300 RON for the minimum 130 kg of waste from lighting fixtures or 60 kg of waste from light sources (economic bulbs, LED and/or neon bulbs)
  • DEDEMAN shopping card worth Price: 100 RON for the minimum 80 kg of waste from lighting fixtures or 40 kg of waste from light sources (economic bulbs, LED and/or neon bulbs)

"The sources de illuminated waste it's the waste electrical which dit's the most ARRIVE în CART de trash and not at points special arranged. By this project ne we to collect, raise awareness and contribute to a responsible community that furthers our message of the environmental responsibility we all have." 

Sabina Pîrvulescu

ECOTIC Operational Director

The RULES are available  here.