de | July. 5, 2021 | campaign, Orase Curate (Clean Cities)

Deployment period:
  • July 7 - 9, 2021

Target audience:

  • the inhabitants of Apahida commune


Each person who delivers electrical waste between 20 and 39 kg accumulated will receive a gift voucher worth 10 RON, between 40 and 59 kg WEEE accumulated will receive a gift voucher worth 20 RON, and over 60 kg a gift voucher 30 RON. People who hand over waste batteries and accumulators and light bulbs and neons will receive an instant prize, an umbrella. 

residents Apahida commune have at their disposal during the campaign:

  1. FREE collection of bulky waste from home (eg washing machine, refrigerator, etc.). The order will be made by phone at the phone number 0747 326 842/0749 326 842.