The project Join the circle of solidarity equips 14 educational institutions with IT equipment

de | Dec. 21, 2020 | Join the circle of solidarity, News

The project Enter the circle of solidarity has endowed 14 beneficiaries with refurbished IT equipment, thus contributing to the digitalization of schools in Romania.

The project "Join the circle of solidarity”Conducted by ECOTIC and GreenWEEE in with the support of APDETIC, the Informal School of IT, Workshops without Borders and RFI announce their winners. 14 beneficiaries, including schools, libraries and children's clubs, from urban and rural areas, received IT equipment designed to facilitate their participation in online schooling.

Of the more than 70 organizations that signed up to receive refurbished IT equipment, most were represented by rural schools. This highlights, once again, the acute need for IT equipment among educational institutions, especially those in rural areas.

Beneficiaries, selected on the basis of motivation and the number of people who will use the equipment, will be equipped with 132 IT equipment:

Gymnasium School, Maxenu village

Secondary School n. 1, Ardeoani

“Nae A. Ghica” Rucăr Secondary School

Dobrotești Secondary School

Gymnasium School, Mologești village

PP Sf. Stelian Kindergarten, Moldova Nouă

Basarab I Secondary School, Curtea de Argeș

Rucăr Communal Library

Pârjol Secondary School

Lugoj Children's Club

Orthodox Theological High School "Pious Parascheva", Agapia

Călăţele Secondary School

Kindergarten no.3, Câlnău

School no. 1, Stegănești

“We started this project out of the desire to cover a growing need for digitalization and, at the same time, to promote reuse as an important step in the circular economy. We are glad that, for another year, we have contributed, together with our partners, to the endowment of schools in disadvantaged areas, thus coming to the support of both students and teachers. In this sense, we will continue the project, the companies that want to donate IT equipment having this possibility throughout the year. ”Declares Valentin Negoiță, the president of ECOTIC.

"We are glad that we managed to provide support to the communities and to know that the donated laptops help the children to keep in touch with their teachers in these times. As families struggle to take care of their health, we have turned our attention and support to vulnerable young people, precisely to ensure that there is a minimum disruption of education. ”, Mihaela Sofronea, GreenWEEE PR & Marketing Manager.

Since the launch, the project Enter the circle of solidarity encouraged companies to donate IT equipment that would later be prepared for reuse and then donated to schools in disadvantaged areas or to NGOs working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Due to the growing need for IT equipment in schools, ECOTIC has decided to extend the possibility of donations of IT equipment by large and small companies throughout the year, by filling in the form at