Public debate: The effects of the new sanitation law

de | April. 24, 2014 | News

On 16.04.2014 took place the public debate: "The effects of applying the new law on sanitation and identifying the responsibilities of authorities, sanitation operators, recyclers and collectors of packaging and WEEE for the achievement of collection and recycling targets", organized by the Institute for Public Policies Bucharest.

The event was attended by over 100 people, including:

- representatives of the central authorities: Parliament (Industry Commission), Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Economy, ANRSC, Competition Council, AMPOS Environment, ANPM

- representatives of the local authorities: county councils, city mayors, commune mayors, ADIs, Association of Romanian Municipalities, Association of Romanian Cities

- representatives of sanitation operators, including the Romanian Sanitation Association, the City League, the Sanitation Employers' Association

- representatives of the producers: Ecorom Ambalaje, ECOTIC (Valentin Negoita and Dragos Calugaru), Recolamp, Intersemat, etc.

- representatives of the recycling industry: Alro Aluminum, Green Group, Vrancart, Metalrom, Cirom Cement Industry Board

In the context of the approval of the sanitation law 101 by the Romanian Parliament in a new form, but which was later rejected by the President of Romania as a result of an unfavorable opinion from the Competition Council but also as a result of many unclear issues signaled by the recycling industry. such an event was necessary.

The debates were quite heated and lasted all day, all the parties presented above coming with arguments for and against the legislative changes. One unanimously accepted thing is that the current situation must change, in the context in which by 2020 we must recycle 50% of the waste generated by the population.

The position of the Competition Council regarding the amendments to the sanitation law can be found here: