ECOTIC - Member of WEEE Forum and WEEELABEX

de | mart. 30, 2022 | Articles, News

WEEE Forum

The Brussels-based WEEE Forum is an international non-profit organization that brings together 44 responsibility transfer organizations (OTRs) for electrical and electronic equipment worldwide and was founded in 2002.

It is a unique global platform that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and best practices between organizations around the globe in the field of waste management. Their aim is to help Producers Extensive Responsibility Organizations and to continuously improve their e-waste management strategies and techniques.

ECOTIC is a member of the WEEE Forum and is constantly involved in international activities related to environmental protection and legislative changes in the field.

WEEE Forum has launched International Electricity Recycling Day - an annual initiative that focuses on e-waste recycling by organizing awareness and communication activities on and around October 14th each year.




WEEELABEX ('WEEE label of excellence')

WEEELABEX is a project developed by the European Commission in partnership with WEEE Forum and was launched in 2013, ECOTIC being a founding member. This project aims to implement a set of standards at European level throughout the electrical waste management circuit (WEEE), from collection, storage, treatment, recycling, recovery, to the clean disposal of the resulting materials. The aim is to limit environmental pollution and increase efficiency in the recovery of materials resulting from recycling and recovery processes.

The requirements of WEEELABEX treatment standards include the implementation of organizational measures aimed at protecting the environment, monitoring the depollution of waste electrical and electronic equipment, ensuring the traceability of WEEE until the end of waste status, and improving internal processes, including staff security. .



WEEE Forum and WEEELABEX are two ways in which ECOTIC promotes values ​​and commitment to nature and environmental protection.