In 2022, ECOTIC reached a number of 611 contracts with producers for taking over their responsibilities regarding electrical equipment put on the market.

At the same time ECOTIC BAT has 390 contracts. in terms of taking over the responsibilities that producers have with regard to batteries put on the market.

The ECOTIC team constantly provides support to affiliated producers as part of its long-term partnerships. ECOTIC organizes annual legislative training seminars with the aim of actively contributing in increasing the degree of compliance of each partner. At the seminars over 2022 persons participated, exceeding by 380% the number of those who participated in the previous year.

Another direction maintained by the ECOTIC team is to support producers in relation to the environmental authorities and their obligations, managing 14.738 requests and over 1200 files submitted on their behalf to the National Agency for Environmental Protection.

Each year, the producers of ECOTIC and ECOTIC BAT get involved in awareness raising actions meant to promote e-waste and battery waste collections.

The annual questionnaire filled in by the affiliated producers reveal an increasing appreciation, each years, for ECOTIC's activity and support. – 96,2% satisfaction degree.

At the end of 2022, ECOTIC received from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, the Operating license for the next 3 years of activity. It available here.