In 2022, ECOTIC has developed 9 campaigns together with its producers and partners. These include: DEDEMAN, CORA, EGGER, JW Marriott, DB Schenker, Axway, Tennecco, Brico Depot and JYSK.

All campaigns had two components: the first component is to inform employees about separate collection and the second is the collection component.

Waste electrical equipment and waste batteries and accumulators were collected in these campaigns.


EGGER employees collected more than 300 kg of battery waste during the campaign.

JYSK campaign dedicated to the general public


Together with JYSK we developed a campaign to raise awareness among the general public regarding the separate collection for recycling of waste batteries, light bulbs, neon signs and small electronics.

All JYSK stores are equipped with containers for the separate collection of batteries, light bulbs and small electronics. Customers also received FREE mini containers for the separate collection of portable batteries at home at the cash register.

Brico Depot campaign dedicated to the general public

In 2022, ECOTIC together with Brico Depot developed the campaign to encourage the population to hand over old light bulbs for recycling, in the 35 Brico Depot stores located nationwide.

We observe a positive trend regarding the involvement of ECOTIC affiliated producers in initiatives promoting the separate collection of e-waste. The key messages of the campaigns and of the social media posts is focused on promoting the correct e-waste handing over solutions.

Ema Cumpata

ECOTIC Communication Coordinator