Useful information

What are the main obligations of a legal person placing the EEE and / or batteries on the national market?

The obligations under GEO 5/2015, GD 1132/2008 and EGO 196/2005 are:

  • Company registration in the National Environmental Protection Agency Register as EEE / BA Producer, obtaining a registration number for each.
  • Notification of registration numbers to all trading networks through which EEE / batteries are sold.
  • Reporting and financing of EEE / batteries quantities placed on the market either to environmental authorities or to the Authorized Collective Organization with which you decide to collaborate.
  • Monthly reporting of EEE / batteries marketed to the AFM both through the application available on the AFM website and on paper, originally at the Environmental Fund Administration.
    For more details, please visit:
  • Achieve minimum collection rates individually or by affiliation to a collective organization
    (EEE – Art. 17 and Annex 6 of GEO 5/2015; Batteries – Art. 7 and Annex 1 to GD 1132/2008)
  • Informing consumers about:
  • The costs of collection, treatment and disposal under environmental protection, by separately identifying these costs when selling EEE;
  • The possibility of handing over one-to-one WEEE to a new product, free of charge, under the same conditions as the new product, if the equipment is of the equivalent type and has the same functions as the newly supplied equipment;
  • Possibility of disposing of waste portable batteries or accumulators at their points of sale;
  • Obligation to separately collect WEEE and not to remove WEEE together with unsorted municipal waste;
  • The meaning of the wheeled bin with a cross;
    The symbol indicates that the EEE / BA is the subject of a separate collection.
    The symbol must be printed visibly, legibly and indelibly.


How can I hand over waste electrical equipment and /or batteries?

Method of handing over WEEE and / or batteries through ECOTIC:

  • An email will be sent to, mentioning the loading address, the contact person in the location and the estimated quantity of batteries / WEEE
  • You will receive an automatic mail with the order number and the name of the operator assigned to take over
  • The take-over for batteries is 10 days and for 5 days for WEEE. For mixed WEEE / batteries commands, take into account the take-over time from WEEE.
  • An authorized operator (ECOTIC partner) will take the waste from the indicated location
  • At the time of the takeover of the waste, you will receive in original the Delivery and Receipt Minutes and Transport Forms
  • At any time, at your request, we can provide information about the quantities handed over through us.
  • Take-back of WEEE / DBA is provided free of charge, with no costs

ECOTIC offers free collection containers for WEEE, light sources and WBAs, adapted to your needs.

Example: Set of 3 “Ecoterrieni” containers: one for small WEEE collection, one for light sources and one for WBA. (Dimensions: light source container and small WEEE: 80 cm high; 30×30 cm base; WBA container: 60 cm high; 23×23 cm base)

In case you want to place collection containers in your work points or in your distribution network, please inform us to this regard. For further details, you can contact us by email at