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Recycling info

Year 2024. The Earth's population has already passed the critical threshold of 7,9 billion people; this means an ever-increasing consumption in recent decades, especially in industrialized and developed areas.

Consumption means comfort and a better life for many people, but for the planet it also means drained resources. Many reports from international institutions show that we're at a critical juncture, where if we fail to change the way we consume in order to become sustainable in the long run, we may face severe situations.

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Obligations and waste delivery methods

What are the main obligations of a legal entity placing EEE and/or BA on the national market?

Obligations according to OUG 5 / 2015, GD 1132/2008 și OUG 196 / 2005 are:

  • Registering the company in the National Environmental Protection Agency Register as an EEE/BA Producer, obtaining a registration number for each.
  • Communication of the registration numbers of all commercial networks through which EEE/BA are sold.
  • Reporting and financing the quantities of EEE/BA placed on the market, either to the environmental authorities or to the authorized Collective Organization you decide to work with.
  • Monthly reporting of EEE/BA placed on the market to the AFM both through the application available on the AFM website and on paper, in original, at the headquarters of the Environment Fund Administration.
    For more details you can access:
  • Achieving minimum collection rates individually or by joining a collective organization
    (EEE – Art 17 and annex 6 of GEO 5/2015; BA – Art 7 and annex 1 of HG 1132/2008)
  • Consumer information on:
    • The costs of collection, treatment and disposal under conditions of environmental protection, by highlighting these costs separately, at the time of sale of EEE;
    • Possibility to deliver WEEE in a "one-to-one" system, when supplying a new product, free of charge, under the same conditions as the delivery of the new product, if the equipment is of an equivalent type and has fulfilled the same functions as the newly supplied equipment;
    • Possibility to dispose of waste portable batteries or accumulators at their points of sale;
    • Obligation to collect WEEE separately and not to dispose of WEEE together with unsorted municipal waste;
    • The meaning of the wheelie bin crossed with a cross;
      The symbol indicates that the EEE / BA is being collected separately.
      The symbol must be printed visibly, legibly and indelibly.

How do I hand in waste electrical equipment and/or batteries?

Mode of submission of WEEE and/or DBA via ECOTIC:

  • an email will be sent to, stating the loading address, location contact person and estimated amount of DBA/WEEE
  • you will receive an automatic email with the order number and the name of the operator assigned to carry out the collection
  • the collection period for DBA is 10 days, and for WEEE 5 days. For mixed WEEE/DBA orders, the shortest collection period will be taken into account.
  • an authorized operator, an ECOTIC partner, will come to pick up the waste from the indicated location
  • at the time of taking over the waste, you will receive the original handover-receipt Minutes and Transport Forms
  • at any time, at your request we can provide information about the quantities delivered through us
  • collection of WEEE/DBA is free, with no costs for you

ECOTIC also offers you, for free small WEEE and DBA collection containers, as follows:


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