A new solution for disposing of used equipment in Constanța

de | nov. 26, 2021 | News

Constanța is one of the cities in Romania where there are FREE and handy solutions for handing over waste equipment.

Vastum Eco, together with ECOTIC, ADI Dobrogea and Polaris M Holding announces the location of 12 containers for the collection of small electrical and electronic waste in several areas of Constanța. Also for FREE download a large household electrical and electronic waste, citizens have at their disposal telephone number 0771 006 485.

Electrical and electronic waste contains substances that are hazardous to the environment and health, including greenhouse gases or heavy metals that, once in the environment, pollute irreversibly. At the same time, they have a high degree of recycling and reuse of the resulting secondary raw materials, thus entering the flow of the circular economy. Recycling them is the solution to prevent environmental pollution and also to be able to reuse the resulting materials. Disposal of such damaged or used equipment should only be done at authorized collectors or collection points dedicated to these types of waste.

People who want to dispose of small electrical and electronic waste, mixer, cassette player, radio, iron, telephone, can do so in one of the specially designed containers in the following locations:

  • Albatross Alley
  • Balada Square
  • North Cliff - Adiviv Square
  • Turkish Cemetery
  • Strada Viorelelor neighborhood Poarta 6
  • Pandurului Street
  • Alley Portul Nou-bl. MS 5
  • Cişmelei Alley - George Călinescu High School
  • Aleea Mălinului - Tomis 1
  • Aleea Cameliei - Tomis 3
  • Tom Shopping Center - entrance

Details regarding their positioning are available here https://vastum.ro/puncte-de-colectare/

“We want to bring to the attention of the people of Constanta the correct way of handing over electrical and electronic waste, so that it can be recycled and enter the flow of the circular economy. In addition to the home collection service, we decided to come to the aid of the residents by placing containers dedicated to the collection of small electrical and electronic waste as close as possible to them. It is important to remember that this waste contains hazardous substances which, if not recycled properly, could end up in nature, pollute the environment and seriously harm our health. " declares Ciprian Ianoș, administrator of Vastum eco.