Little ones do great deeds! - 2016th edition, XNUMX

de | April. 4, 2016 | campaign, The kids do great deeds

Development period: And the little ones -jpg

  • April 5 - June 28

Ink audience:

  • Kindergartens (national level)


The project will take place between April 05 and June 20, 2016 as follows:
April 05 - 15 - registration of kindergartens in the project. Sending by e-mail to the representatives of the registered kindergartens the instructions useful for conducting eco-education classes.
April 25 - May 05 - package delivery with teaching materials and waste collection containers for portable batteries and accumulators (DBA) to the registered kindergartens. Here the contents of the package are detailed.
May 05 - June 01 organization of eco education lessons by kindergarten educators, based on the materials sent by ECOTIC BAT in packages, as well as the instructions and informative materials received by e-mail. Here teaching material is available.
Sending at least 3 pictures from eco-education classes with children, per kindergarten, to the e-mail address that will be sent to kindergartens when registering in the project and confirming the collection of waste batteries and accumulators, regardless of quantity , for the qualification at the end of the project.
June 01 - 20 (with changes of 1-2 working days) - taking waste of portable batteries and accumulators from kindergartens, through authorized operators, designated by ECOTIC BAT.
June 28-30 - designation of the winning kindergartens according to article 4 point 3. The winning kindergartens will be announced on the website and through the contact details provided at the time of registration.
• June 28 - October 01 - awarding the winning kindergartens. The prizes are those according to Art. 4 point 4

134-49_lrThe results are as follows:

  • 170 kindergartens registered 
  • 2,3 tons of DBA collected

The winners of the campaign are the first 5 kindergartens that have collected the largest amount of DBA:

1. “Sfanta Filofteia” Kindergarten - Brasov - 222.3 kg DBA

2. Kindergarten "Story House" - Bistrita - 72.2 kg DBA

3. Kindergarten “St. Sava ”- Iasi - 69 kg DBA

4. Adia Kindergarten Kindergarten - Constanta - 68 kg DBA

5. Kindergarten no. 47 - Oradea - 59.86 kg DBA

Campaign rules are available here.