Campaigns for producers

ECOTIC BAT also supports accurate awareness among companies. ECOTIC BAT affiliated producers have the opportunity to organize internal employee accountability campaigns.

Companies with more than 20 employees are invited to participate in the ECOTIC BAT challenge to properly inform their employees about the separate collection of waste batteries and accumulators (WBA).

Employee campaigns can be viewed from a double perspective:

  • It provides employees with accurate WBA information and correct delivery
  • It gives them the chance to dispose of this waste properly and without too much effort

Employees can participate in either the eco-learning sessions or the raffles within the campaign, where they will win prizes.

An exceptional example of an employee campaign is one of EGGER Romania "Used battery is worth recycling", conducted between 1-30 November 2019, in which employees provided examples of good practices for environmental protection at the workplace.

49 employees participated in the responsible collection of 81 kg of waste batteries and accumulators (WBA).