Electrical waste collection campaigns in Câmpia Turzii and Dej

de | Dec. 2, 2022 | News

Electronic waste collection campaign with raffle

ECOTIC Transylvania together with GreenWEEE and The Town Halls of Câmpia Turzii and Dej Municipalities, organizes campaigns to collect electrical waste from citizens' homes. Those who hand in electrical waste during the campaigns will have the chance to win one of the raffle prizes: vacuum cleaner, microwave oven and iron.

Donate 8,4% of households they got rid of electrical waste correctly, and 4550 tons were given along with household waste, to informal scrap metal collectors or simply abandoned on public space. This information was one of the results of the first study carried out at national level, on the topic: The habits of the Romanian population regarding small electrical equipment. This is caused by a still low level of awareness and especially the lack of collection infrastructure. Only 29% of citizens would know about an electrical waste collection point.

In the context of this study as well, ECOTIC (www.ecotic.ro) develops a series of local campaigns, aimed at providing a correct solution for the disposal of electrical waste from households.

Residents of Câmpia Turzii and Dej are asked to call, during the campaigns, the number 0747 326 842 to place an order of collection of electrical waste from home (minimum 10 kg).

When do the campaigns take place?

The campaign will take place in Turzii Plain in period December 5-9, again in Already in period December 12 – 16.


Campia Turzii campaign regulations here

Campaign regulation Dej here