Electrical waste collection campaigns in Ilfov county – March-April 2023

de | mart. 28, 2023 | News

Between March 27 and April 2, 2023, the inhabitants of the city of Popești-Leordeni and those of the commune of Chiajna are encouraged to be actively involved in the protection of the environment through the separate collection of electrical and electronic waste.

ECOTIC together with its partners, Popești-Leordeni City Hall, Chiajna Municipality and Blue Planet, are organizing two waste collection campaigns for electrical and electronic equipment (including light bulbs and neon lights) in Popeşti-Leordeni and Chiayna.


According to the study "The habits of the Romanian population regarding small electrical equipment" developed by ECOTIC in 2022    10,5% of the small equipment analyzed and which are in Romanian homes are kept even if they are unused or broken. One of the main reasons, cited by 32% of respondents, was not knowing how to dispose of it.

In this context, ECOTIC, together with its partners, makes available to the residents of Popești-Leordeni handover solutions for recycling:

  • Delivery to collection points (schedule: 08:00 – 16:00):
  • Twilight, no. 2C
  • Pavel Ceamur, no. 16
  • Leordeni, no. 122
  • FREE collection of bulky waste from home. The pick-up order will be made by phone at telephone number 0371 470 331.


Residents of Chiajna Commune have the following teaching solutions available:

  • Delivery to collection points (schedule: 08:00 – 16:00):
  • Railway stations, no. 1-3
  • Youth, no. 37-39
  • FREE collection of bulky waste from home. The pick-up order will be made by phone at telephone number 0371 443 854.


To encourage responsible behavior, the organizers offer prizes. Each person teaching the minimum Cumulative 15kg will receive an instant prize.

"The campaigns that Blue Planet Services run together with ECOTIC are proof of involvement in environmental protection and in encouraging responsible behavior in terms of the correct collection of electrical waste. We are confident that these campaigns will be enthusiastically received by the inhabitants of the two localities and that we will contribute together to the protection of the environment." says Adrian Duca, Blue Planet Services

Details of the campaign are available on www.ecotic.ro