International WEEE Day educational activities

de | nov. 18, 2021 | News

October 14 marks the annual International Day for the Recycling of Electrical Waste initiated by WEEE Forum

Worldwide, over 172 organizations from 78 countries were involved in promoting the separate collection of electrical waste by organizing events and actions designed to mark International Day for the Recycling of Electrical Waste. On the occasion of this event, the general public he was asked what information he had about electrical waste. The video collage containing the response of people from different countries, including Romania, is available pe the Youtube channel of the ECOTIC organization.

In Romania, several actions dedicated to this day took place, some of them being organized by ECOTIC together with its partners.

ECOTIC partner companies gave examples of good practice and contributed to the promotion of this day by conducting internal information and collection campaigns dedicated to employees. Thus, there has been an increase in awareness of recycling among employees.

In Brașov, ECOTIC and EcoCivica Center developed a local collection campaign and organized visits to the ECOTIC Caravan located in the parking lot of the Coresi mall in Brașov.

A number of other local campaigns aimed at raising public awareness have been organized in  Arad, Buzău, Galați, Reșița and Ploiesti, ECOTIC providing the inhabitants of these areas with collection points and collection services from home.

Also, those who transmit through the call center 021 9641 until December 9, orders to pick up bulky electrical waste from home participate in a raffle where they can win a robot vacuum cleaner. Details on the website

From the actions organized on this occasion, there was no lack of those for children. The ECOTIC communication team held online eco-education lessons for interested students. As always, they were amazed by the baggage of information they have, as well as the multitude of questions asked about environmental protection.

"I appreciated the investment of time, the prior preparation, the fact that we were congratulated for our small initiative and I consider that the information presented is basic, something that everyone should know. It is the planet of everyone, not just those who choose to recycle ", said Raluca, a XNUMXth grade student at the" Simion Stolnicu "High School in Comarnic