The ECOTIC caravan participates in the second edition of the Green Cities Forum in Brașov!

de | septum. 7, 2022 | ECOTIC Caravan, News

Eco education and electrical waste collection workshops at the ECOTIC Caravan, September 8-11

Green Cities Forum (FOV) is the largest event in Romania dedicated to environmental sustainability, winner of the Gala Awards for a Clean Environment in 2021. Last year, FOV was born from the desire to protect nature, seeing how much we needed it during the pandemic. And this year, under the auspices of war, we see how much we need energy. This being the theme of the second edition of FOV: "Find Your Power".

ECOTIC takes part in the event by exhibiting the ECOTIC Caravan in N. Titulescu Park, at the fountains. The caravan will be open Thursday and Friday (September 8-9) in the time slot 12:00-17:00and Saturday and Sunday (September 10 -11) in the time slot 10: 00 - 17: 00.

The people of Brasov will have the opportunity to visit ECOTIC Caravan, the mobile museum of electrical waste. The foray into the world of electrical waste recycling through this interactive tool makes those who visit it understand the importance of separate collection through the lens of recyclable but also dangerous materials that can be recovered from equipment. A virtual tour of the ECOTIC Caravan is available here.

During the parking of the ECOTIC Caravan, electrical waste can be brought that will later end up being recycled. We also welcome the little ones at the ECOTIC Caravan to take part in a series of eco-educational activities.

Eco Civic Center offers pickup services FREE electrical waste in Brașov, home pickup orders are made to the phone number 0742.400.404, and for direct delivery citizens can bring electrical waste to center from Str. Carpathians, no. 60, unit 71 (in the METROM premises).