ECOTIC BAT 2013 Activity Report submitted to NEPA

In February 28, ECOTIC BAT submitted to the National Agency for Environmental Protection annual reports according to OM 1399/2009 (the B&A put on the market by affiliates, amounts collected, treated and recycled). It was also send the activity report according to OM 2743/201. By submitting this reports ECOTIC BAT fullfilled the responsibilities according to GD 1132/2011.

In 2013 ECOTIC BAT achieved  29.8%  collection rate for portable batteries and accumulators. This rate represents the amount of waste batteries and accumulators collected, meaning 59.03 tons in keeping to the amount of new batteries placed on the market by ECOTIC BAT affiliated producers in the period mentioned above, meaning 198 tons.

The recyclability rate achieved was 67.75% and 1.766  collection points were established by the end of 2013.