Children from underprivileged backgrounds received IT equipment from ECOTIC and Workshops without Borders

de | nov. 17, 2022 | News

Reconditioned IT equipment donation campaign

In November, ECOTIC, in partnership with Asociatia Ateliere fău Frontiere, donated 50 refurbished IT equipment as part of the donation campaign "We give a Byte of Help" to Mia's Children Association. Through it, children from disadvantaged social backgrounds benefited from IT equipment to help them in their educational development.


The campaign is part of educlick, a Workshops without Borders, through which the collected IT equipment is prepared for reuse by people from disadvantaged backgrounds and then donated to schools, NGOs or educational institutions that do not benefit from these facilities.

The donation of computers has an impact in three different areas: education, supporting reuse and socio-professional insertion for people who find it difficult to find employment on the free market.

The organization Mia's Children offers daily tutoring and care, counseling, in the course of instructive-educational, artistic, sports, creative and socializing activities to a number of more than 40 children and young people from disadvantaged social backgrounds, who are in a situation of major social risk.


The need for IT equipment for students from disadvantaged areas and environments has come to light in the context of the pandemic. Unfortunately, the situation has not improved, as many of the students in these environments do not have access to IT equipment or Internet connectivity.

"For us as an association that works with children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, it has become a big problem to procure devices in sufficient quantity to ensure access to the Internet, social networks for every child and young person, so that they feel connected to society and to be able to validate a direct link with the school, not to feel excluded, marginalized, disadvantaged from this point of view as well. In this particularly important context, the donation of laptops and computers generously made by ECOTIC and Ateliere fête Frontiere for the children of the Mia's Children Association, who in this way are ensured a path to success, development, involvement, sustainability, also intervenes.

We thank ECOTIC and Ateliere sans Frontiere for the way to make computers and laptops more efficient and circular and for their integration into the process of educating children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds!" Luiza Petcu, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist at the Mia's Children Association, told us.

To continue these donation campaigns, we invite companies willing to hand over old but functional IT equipment by filling out the form available on