WEEELABEX auditors certified for new operations

de | nov. 5, 2013 | News

On November 05, 2013, the organizers of the WEEELABEX project announced that the first group of auditors of the WEEELABEX Standard had been trained to perform conformity treatment checks for refrigeration equipment, at the headquarters of WEEE treatment operators, according to the general and specific requirements contained in the Standard.

WEEE management systems that apply the WEEELABEX Standard, in cooperation with WEEE treatment operators, may request verification of compliance by sending the Declaration of Intent to the WEEELABEX headquarters.

Qualified auditors, found on the WEEELABEX website, are qualified to perform audits for the following treatment processes: large and small household appliances, cathode ray tube equipment, flat screens and heat transfer equipment.

For more details, please send your request to mario.voros@weeelabex.org.

WEEELABEX is an acronym that comes from the expression "WEEE label of excellence", giving the name of the Project co-financed by Life, the environmental program of the European Community (LIFE07 ENV / B / 000041), with a budget of € 1.064.600.

WEEELABEX is a project led by WEEE Forum in cooperation with stakeholders from the manufacturing community and industry (Digital Europe, CECED, EERA, ELC). This Project was founded in 2009, and the creation of the WEEELABEX organization, on April 17, 2013 in Prague, is considered the culmination of the project.


More details about WEEELABEX can be found on our site by accessing this link, or on WEEELABEX Organization website.