ALTEX Romania collected over 17.000 tons of old appliances in 2020

de | mart. 15, 2021 | News

The amount of WEEE collected by Altex Romania, the largest electro-IT retailer in Romania, through the Scrap Campaign for household appliances, represents 17% of all 100.000 tons of waste electrical and household equipment collected in Romania last year.

8 years after the first “Scrap for household appliances” campaign, Altex Romania remains dedicated to its mission to bring technology to the homes of Romanians in a responsible manner, with constant efforts to facilitate the sustainable collection and recycling of household waste. 

Thus, only in 2020, Altex, in collaboration with ECOTIC, collected from its customers more than 17.000 tons of WEEE (waste electrical and household equipment), totaling over 390.000 electrical and household appliances, up 13% compared to 2019.

 "Local studies further show that there is a very small amount of waste electrical and household equipment (WEEE) that reaches the recycling stream. Most of this used equipment, which contains toxic substances, ends up being thrown at random in nature, which means a real threat to the well-being of natural habitats and, implicitly, to human health. That is why, in 2020, we launched the Rabla campaign for household appliances, welcoming our customers with a comprehensive selective collection service for old appliances that also offers financial support in the process of purchasing a new appliance with a better energy class. As a green company, we support the transition to a circular economy and a sustainable development of the community, "said Edvin Abdulachim, Commercial Director of Altex Romania. 

Of the total appliances recycled in 2020 by Altex Romania, about 150.000 were refrigeration equipment, over 150 washing machines, 000 were stoves, 23.000 - televisions and monitors, and 4.500 were represented by other electrical equipment.