The Swedish Embassy in Bucharest, Guerrilla Verde and ECOTIC present in Romania the traveling exhibition Re: waste

de | June. 28, 2022 | News

  • The Swedish Embassy in Bucharest and the Swedish Institute, in partnership with the Guerrilla Verde platform, are launching in Romania "Re: waste - how Sweden rethinks resources", a traveling exhibition with examples of good practice from Swedish society on waste management and its transformation into resources.
  • The exhibition can be seen in several public spaces and educational institutions in Bucharest and in the country, until the end of the year. In Bucharest, the first exhibition location is Promenada Mall (1st floor), which will host the exhibition from June 10 to July 15, 2022. Access is free.

It is estimated that two billion tonnes of municipal waste was generated globally in 2016 and, according to World Bank forecasts, this number is expected to increase by 70% by 2050. While people living in high-income countries produce more waste compared to low-income countries, waste reduction is a global crisis that requires us all to do our part. At the same time, a successful approach to resolving the crisis must be based on a properly managed waste hierarchy and efforts for a circular economy.

In order to contribute to the public awareness on waste management and conservation of natural resources, the Swedish Embassy in Romania, the Swedish Institute and the Guerrilla Verde platform organize in Romania the traveling exhibition "Re: waste - how Sweden rethinks resources", a waste communication material that highlights the basic issues, the steps we all need to take to get out of the situation and the new smart innovations in development and already on the market.

"Sustainability is a priority for us at the Swedish Embassy in Bucharest, in line with Sweden's goal of becoming climate neutral by 2045 and having 100% renewable energy. Even if we are a small team, we feel that every step and contribution will make a difference to the overall goal of protecting the environment. We strive to set a personal example, adapting our consumer behavior to reduce the negative impact that our lifestyle has on the environment. We work actively to reduce the use of paper for printing and to make smart decisions about the use of electricity, water, and heating and cooling. We have solar panels installed on our roof, and the bicycle is an alternative we rely on. We will also purchase a fully electric vehicle as the official car of the Embassy. Finally, we sort our plastic, paper and metal waste and turn our food waste into compost, using the device we installed at the embassy. These are some actions by which we want to encourage ecological behavior. On a larger level, we aim to have an impact on Romanian society by exchanging information and good examples from Sweden, as we do with the Re: waste project. ” Declares ES Ms. Therese Hydén - Swedish Ambassador to Bucharest

The exhibition "Re: waste - how Sweden rethinks resources" starts the tour and will be presented in several public spaces and educational institutions in Bucharest and in the country, until the end of 2022. In Bucharest, the first exhibition location is Promenada Mall, which will host the exhibition from June 10 to July 15, 2022, with free access to all those interested. The calendar of locations hosting the exhibition will be regularly updated on the site and on social networks. At the same time, the traveling exhibition will be doubled by an online photo-video communication campaign with information about the correct management of waste and its recovery.

"The increased interest in topics related to recycling or the sustainable lifestyle of the Romanian public is obvious, even if it is not necessarily reflected in the collection statistics. Through the examples of Swedish society, the Re: waste campaign is meant to inspire and support this trend by adopting good practices in our society as well. Through Guerrilla Verde, the message Re: waste will reach physically and online, the interested public in Bucharest, but also other cities in the country. ” Declare Nicoleta Talpeș, Founder of Guerrilla Verde

A project: Embassy of Sweden in Bucharest, Swedish Institute

Presented by: Green Guerrilla

partners: Alucro Association, ECOTIC Organization, Promenada Mall


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