de | February. 7, 2020 | Little ones do great deeds, News

ECOTIC BAT continues the project through which it addresses its youngest audience, kindergarten children, with dedicated messages, transmitted by a funny character and with great respect for the little ones (the Ecoterrian). The project, reached the eighth edition opens its doors to all kindergartens interested in environmental protection and separate collection.

The stake of this campaign is the early education of the new generation in terms of responsible behavior towards the environment.

The kindergartens participating in the project will receive a set of materials suitable for supporting classes of ecological education, the aim being for the little ones to understand what waste batteries and accumulators mean, what they contain and why it is important that used batteries do not reach the pit. garbage, but recycling.

Children will have the opportunity to learn about toxic substances, valuable raw materials that can be recovered from waste and at the same time, can collect used batteries in containers provided by ECOTIC BAT. Throughout this process, we also invite the parents and friends of the little ones to get involved, so that the message and information can be spread in the community.

 The regulation is available here