200.000 preschoolers learned about collecting used batteries

de | July. 11, 2022 | News

The project for collecting used batteries, dedicated to kindergartens, is 10 years old

The 10th edition of the "And the little ones do great deeds" campaign, organized by ECOTIC BAT, ended with over 365 participating kindergartens from all over the country. Children, parents and teachers were actively involved in the separate collection of used batteries and accumulators as well as in eco-education activities.

The list of winning kindergartens from this edition is available on the website www.ecotic.ro in the News section.

In 10 years of existence of the educational project they participated over 800 kindergartens from all over the country, collecting them waste batteries and accumulators for recycling and making different eco-educational activities for preschoolers, based on materials submitted by the organizers. Over 200.000 children they learned about batteries, the dangerous substances they contain and the correct ways to dispose of them through games and activities dedicated to their age.

In addition to the educational-informative materials, the kindergartens benefited from collection containers for waste batteries and accumulators, each of them being equipped with such a set.

The next edition of the project "And the little ones do great deeds" will be launched in early 2023. More details will be announced on the page Facebook of the ECOTIC Organization and on www.ecotic.ro.

The project aims to inform and raise awareness among preschoolers about the importance of separate collection of DBA, as well as the development of a responsible attitude towards this type of waste. The project includes both informative-educational activities and a practical collection component.

“We are happy to be at the closing of the 10th edition of the project. And the little ones are doing great things. Its longevity is proof of the need for such a project in preschool education institutions in Romania as well as their interest in protecting the environment. We want to continue to inform and educate preschoolers to behave responsibly towards the environment and to support them in the collection and recycling of battery waste. ” said Georgiana Ene, Project Manager, ECOTIC.