Competition organized by ECOTIC in partnership with the Union of Professional Journalists from Romania

ECOTIC together with the Union of Professional Journalists from Romania launched the contest "JOURNALISM FOR A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT”, dedicated to journalists from Romania.


Period of publication/press materials registration: March 21 – June 28, 2024

Judging: ECOTIC and UZPR, during July 1-2, 2024

Premiere: July 5, 2024, Ecological University


Objective: supporting and developing environmental journalism in Romania and correctly informing the public on topics related to environmental protection and the efficient use of resources.


To whom it is addressed: journalists from print media, audio-visual, online.


Mechanism: Journalists from all over the country will be able to create materials (articles, photo reports, blogs, vlogs, video reports, radio or TV shows) on the themes proposed by the organizers and can enter them in the competition.

      The materials must be made exclusively for the contest or made after January 1, 2024.

      Accepted materials must be published on an online platform or in print in a publication.

      Materials can be published throughout the contest period, as long as they differ from those already entered.

Journalists can participate with:

– 1 material choosing one of the themes;

– 1 material for each individual theme;

– More materials for each theme.


The proposed themes:

1. Environmental education in the education system in Romania.

2. Circular Economy

3. The impact of climate change on biodiversity

4. Sustainable development and urban planning in the context of climate change

5. Waste collection in Romania (including the WEEE and DBA component).

6. Waste recycling in Romania (including the WEEE and DBA component).

7. The problem of plastic waste management

8. Good practices in raising citizens' awareness of environmental issues

9. The role of renewable energy in combating climate change

10. Reducing the carbon footprint




500st place – Altex Voucher EUR XNUMX

Second place – Altex Voucher EUR 300

Third place – Altex Voucher EUR 300


ECOTIC also proposes to organize a visit for the participating journalists to the GreenWEEE Electrical and Electronic Waste Recycling Factory in Buzău. Details at the end of the campaign.