“For a clean environment”- Awards Gala,4th edition

ECOTIC, and Recolamp, together with Ateliere fara frontiere, launched the 4th edition of “For a clean environment”- Awards Gala! The project is organized under the aegis of the Ministry of Environment and Forests and the National Environmental Guard.

“For a clean environment”- Awards Gala, is at its 4th edition, it’s a platform that aims to promote environmental campaigns, it identifies and awards each year the best projects at the local communities level, designed to improve environmental conditions,but also social responsibility programs developed by companies or public institutions and NGOs.

This competition is addressed to companies, public institutions, NGOs and educational institutions that have developed environmental, saving resources and social responsibility projects in 2012. They are invited to register their projects up to 9th of December this year to the dedicated platform, on The project can be easily registered.

“For a clean environment”- Awards Gala schedule:

 • Contest entries will be up to 9 of December, 2012;

• Judging of the projects will be during 10 to 12 of December 2012;

• On 13 December the award ceremony will be held at a final festivity.

Prizes consist of new electrical equipment, 1st Prize – a laptop, 2nd Prize- a tablet and 3rd Prize- a videoprojector.    

Plenty of other prizes will be given during the final festivity.

More details and contest rules you can find here.

The press release can be accessed here.

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 Ministry of Environment and Forests                                                   National Environmental Guard


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