Reuse of electronic equipment - a step towards sustainability

de | February. 23, 2021 | Articles, News

Preparing for the reuse of electronic equipment, the second step in the waste management pyramid, is an important step towards prolonging the life of electrical equipment, thus contributing to its sustainability.

Although the collection and recycling of electrical and electronic waste has an important stake from a dual perspective: the elimination of toxic and environmentally hazardous substances and the achievement of very high recycling rates (80-90% of their components can be recycled and reused in the economy) , it is important to remember that reusing them is a chance to extend their life.

By performing specific operations of sanitation, repair, testing, quality control, labeling and packaging, reuse is superior to recycling contributing to the extension of the period of use. This significantly contributes to reducing the carbon footprint.

IT equipment is a category that can be prepared for reuse, relatively easily because its components can be replaced or repaired, unlike refrigerators or washing machines.

From the very beginning, ECOTIC supported the reuse, getting involved with Ateliere sans Frontiere in the project Educlick which prepares for reuse donated IT equipment. In 12 years, 17.000 such computers and peripherals have reached many schools and organizations in disadvantaged communities in Romania.

The donation project Join the circle of solidarity is another example of how IT equipment, donated by companies and prepared for reuse, can make a difference in the lives of children in disadvantaged areas and categories who thus have access not only to IT equipment but also to the opportunities resulting from its use. As school needs continue to grow ECOTIC encourages companies, small and large alike, to donate equipment they no longer use by accessing They will be reconditioned and prepared for reuse, reaching schools, placement centers or organizations working with children from disadvantaged categories.

At the same time, ECOTIC, together with the Coalition for Circular Economy Association (CERC) supported, in 2020, the Romanian National Standardization Body (ASRO) to complete the transposition into Romanian of the international standard for the repair of waste electrical and electronic equipment - EN 50614: 2020.

The standard applies to processes related to the preparation for reuse of waste electrical and electronic equipment and supports organizations by:

  • encouraging the re-use of EEE as specified in the WEEE Directive (2012/19 / EU);
  • reducing the volume of waste sent to landfill and incinerated by redirecting WEEE to be ready for reuse;
  • providing a framework to guarantee consumers and other stakeholders the safety of equipment and the quality of their preparation for re-use by operators;
  • promoting and creating jobs in organizations legally involved in preparing WEEE for reuse.

The reuse of IT equipment contributes both to environmental protection, by preventing the generation of electrical and electronic waste, and to the education of young people from disadvantaged areas and categories through donations made by ECOTIC and its partners.

You can give new life to IT equipment here.

Diana Trifu