8 tons of WEEE collected in 9 days of campaign in Botosani

de | mai 20, 2013 | Ecotic Projects

Between April 18 to 26 was conducted in Botosani an awareness and collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment, and used batteries campaign named „Botosani city recycles”.

During the campaign were collected 8 tons of WEEE.

 Partners in the project, with ECOTIC and ECOTIC BAT and Botosani City Hall were the Environmental Protection Agency and SC Urban Serv SA Botosani Botosani.

The ecological message was approach also by the students from the Children’s Club in Botosani Environmental Protection Club. They have created informative materials, with the purpose of informing the citizens.

The students’ understood  of the importance of recycling and the high level of risk is when the electrical and electronic waste and waste of batteries are improperly handled. They decided to share this knowledge to Botosani city residents  leading  them to selectively collected waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries.

Educational institutions involved in the project ECO – School, a program supported by the European Union and the United Nations Environment Program distributed informative materials, that were also available in the city trams.

 In the Central Market was set up a  campaign tent throughout the project where distribution of informational materials  has been made by the student in public areas. Also there, the population could bring WEEE and batteries. About 5 kg of such waste batteries were collected from the population.


The general public has been responsive and involving all key stakeholders, especially sanitation operator SC Urban Serv SA Botosani through Integrated Management Department, Quality, Communication, in the 9 days of the campaign were collected about 8 tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment.
As a result of this campaign, the population is aware of the importance of separate waste collection, the taking over requests from the population of WEEE recorded after completion of the campaign increasing.

The archive of the project here.